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You play a vital role in your health center, whether you hold the title of front desk, receptionist, patient services representative, patient support, or patient access. As the first person patients encounter when they walk into your clinic, you set the tone for their appointment. You are also the voice on the phone when a patient has a question or needs an appointment reminder. Your reassuring presence can make all the difference when a patient is nervous about their visit.
This training series was designed specifically for you and included sessions on de-escalation and communication, health insurance, social drivers of health, and scheduling best practices. 
Session 1 – Front Desk Rx: De-escalate and Communicate
Tuesday, March 19 

This session was designed for front desk staff at health centers seeking strategies for managing confrontations with angry, retraumatized, or frustrated patients. Participants learned to de-escalate situations, ensure safety, and enhance patient care quality. The workshop encapsulates the principles of trauma-informed communication, enabling professionals to understand and respond empathetically to patients who have experienced trauma.
Speaker: Matt Bennett, MBA, MA, Optimal HRV
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Session 2 – Front Desk Rx: Connecting to Coverage
Tuesday, March 26
Front desk staff are the first and most important part of the revenue cycle. In this session, the presenters provided information on how to screen patients for coverage, review health insurance terminology, and discuss the health center sliding fee program. Participants learned about affordable health insurance options and how to connect patients with insurance coverage through Medicaid and the Marketplace. T
Speakers: Penny Kelley, Outreach & Enrollment Services Program Manager, and Lindsey Karlson, Director of Programs and Training, CHAD
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Session 3 – Front Desk Rx: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Tuesday, April 2
It’s important to recognize and respect the diversity of lived experiences, especially when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. In this session, the presenter provided best practices for using patient-first language and appropriate pronouns to create a safe and inclusive clinical environment. Addressing any LGBTQ+ stigma that may exist in healthcare practices is crucial to ensuring that all patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.
Speaker: Dayna Morrison, MPH, Oregon AIDS Education Training Center
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Session 4 – Front Desk Rx: Scheduling for Success

Tuesday, April 9
In this final session in our Front Desk Rx training series, we discussed core concepts of developing and managing an effective clinic schedule. The session included a review of triage best practices, key questions to ask when making an appointment and strategies to support patient outreach. The session also included live scenarios to illustrate how scheduling principles can be incorporated into the front desk workflow.
Speaker: Lindsey Karlson, CHAD Training and Programs Director
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