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CHAD hosted the 2023 Uniform Data System (UDS) training sessions. These free web-based trainings are designed to provide assistance navigating and preparing the 2023 UDS report.
Effective reporting of a complete and accurate UDS submission depends on understanding the relationship between data elements and tables. This interactive training is an excellent way for new staff to understand their UDS reporting effort role. This training was designed for attendees of all levels. All financial, clinical, and administrative staff were invited to learn updates, hone reporting skills, and share questions and experiences with their peers.

Session 1 | November 14, 2023
The first session allowed participants to understand the UDS reporting process, review key materials, and a walk-through of the patient demographic and staffing tables 3A, 3B, 4, and 5.
Click here for the presentation (both sessions.)

Session 2 | November 16, 2023
The presenter will cover the clinical and financial information required on tables 6A, 6B, 7, 8A, 9D, and 9E in addition to the forms (Health Information Technology, Other Data Elements, and Workforce Training) during the second session. The presenter will also share valuable tips for success in completing the UDS report.

Speaker:  Amanda Lawyer, MPH
Amanda Lawyer serves as the Project Manager and Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator of the BPHC’s Uniform Data System (UDS) program providing direct support to the over 1,400 health centers, vendors, and BPHC staff.
She is an experienced UDS trainer, reviewer, and TA provider, as well as a dedicated member of the support line that provides instruction on the UDS Report over phone and email.


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